Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Slap A Character Award: Queen Levana

Slap A Character Award
Today's SAC Award goes to: Queen Levana
Nature of the Slap: Level 3- Slap with a Baseball bat
It is only fitting that Levana was the first to receive this award. After all, She was the character that inspired it all.

Queen Levana is the current Queen of Luna (the moon). She is gifted with the ability to take control of a person's actions with bioelectricity and manipulating what they are able to see. Her disregard for anyone that threatens her throne, her cruel punishments, and her belief that she is superior to all (especially Earthens) has earned her a Level 3. Congratulations Levana! Does anybody have a baseball bat?

What people have to say about Queen Levana.......

She was indeed beautiful, as if someone had taken the scientific measurements of perfection and used them to mold a single ideal specimen. -Kai's POV, Cinder

"I didn't think it was possible to hate anyone as much as I hate her. She's evil."-Kai, Cinder

"Levana and her entourage....Everything about them is so fake." 
-Kai, Cress

"My Queen, you would not like to die in this room. I suspect you would tear off your own flesh if forced to stare at it for so long."
-Dr. Erland, Cress

Quotes from Queen Levana.....

"The idea that a pile of metal could experience emotion is insulting. Send this monstrosity away."-Levana, Cinder

"You can't think her prettier than me."-Levana, Cinder 

"Ignorance is your defense? How trite. You must see the truth, the fact that you should be dead. It would be so much better for everyone if you were."-Levana, Cinder

"What do I care if Earth sees them coming? I hope it gives them time to beg for mercy before we destroy them."- Levana, Cress

I'm sure we all can't wait for Levana to go bye bye! 


  1. Ugh she's horrible! But she's the perfect antagonist for the Cinder Chronicles!

    1. I agree with you 100 percent! Thanks for commenting <3

  2. I do love Levana; she's not that bad.


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