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Hi! Thanks for visiting! I'm now accepting requests for anyone who would like to have their books featured on this blog. I'm also open to having author interviews, cover reveals, guest posts, hosting giveaways, or any other promotions. 

I'm accepting physical copies as well as electronic (epub, mobi, pdf files). The time it takes for me to review your book depends on the number of requests I get, so please be patient with me. 

Young Adult
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction

I'm open to reviewing other types of books, but I don't review erotica novels. This will never change. 

You can contact me via the contact form to the side of this page.
It's the best way to ensure that I actually receive your message, but if you prefer, you can email me at

The format for any type of request is very simple. 
Leave your name, a synopsis of your book (if applicable), and state your request. This can vary from:

-Review Requests
-Guest posts
-Cover Reveal
-Hosting a giveaway
-Book promo
-Author Interview
-Sharing an excerpt
-Any other type of promotion I'm able to do :)

My Basic Rating System
0 stars- Did Not Finish (DNF)
1 star- I absolutely did not enjoy this book at all.
2 stars- This book had a lot of issues 
3 stars- There were issues, but still an enjoyable book :)
4 stars- This book was great!
5 stars- It was mind-blowingly good. Go get it now!! :D

To put it in less words.....
Rating Scale

I only do 100% honest reviews, and I will not be accepting any compensation for a higher rating of any book.

Thank you again for visiting my blog! :D

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