Friday, May 9, 2014

Winter Teasers #2

Hello Browsers!

Remember the last time I posted Winter Teasers for Marissa Meyer's final book in The Lunar Chronicles? Well I'm back now! Since then, Maissa Meyer has posted Winter Teasers on her twitter page as a part of SaveCRESS, and I'm here to give you guys the update. Hurray! If you missed out on the first segment, you can check out Winter Teasers Part 1

Let's do this!

Extra Facts we've learned:
1. Unfortunately, There will be no ARCs of Winter
2. According to a Winter betareader, there is no epilogue.
3. I'm sorry to inform you guys that there are rumors of Winter not coming out till November 24, 2015 instead of February 2015. There has been no confirmation yet, but I will keep searching. 

On with the Quotes!

"We have had word that some political groups are calling for the forced abdication of Emperor Kaito."

It did not feel like home. It felt like a place that  had been built to be paradise, but had become a prison.

"She had the bone structure of a bird. Wolf  probably could have crushed her with his fingertips."

"Being raised on Luna seems to really mess people up. She wouldn't be the lovable cyborg we've all come to adore." 

Fear was a weakness in the court. Much better to act unperturbed. Much safer to act crazy, when in doubt.

"They're the first crew I've ever had, and most of them even call me Captain. I'm going to miss them."

She was prettier than a bouquet of roses and crazier than a headless chicken. Fitting in was not an option.

She definitely has a crush on you. It's about the size of Jupiter.

"She was going to have to train herself not to stare at him quite as often as she was used to. That would be no easy task."

"I expected palm trees and red carpets," said Iko,  brow drawn in a show of severe disappointment.

"You're a good guy, Thorne." She paused. "Well, you have your moments."

"May I request a new uniform? A towel seems inappropriate for the position."

"Greenwich is a funny word, isn't it? All green and witchy. Like soup."

She screamed like a thousand birds were picking at her flesh. She screamed like the palace was burning down around her.

She would die here and not complain. She would be buried beneath this avalanche of lifelessness.

"Hold these wires and make sure they don't touch." "What happens if they touch?" "The ship will probably self-destruct."

She was a danger to his hard-earned neutrality. Thinking about her tended to give him an unwanted hitch in his lungs.

"I intend to put an end to the rumors of the darling Princess Selene once and for all."

He laughed, like someone had stabbed him in the chest and he had no other choice, but to find it amusing.

In a moment of weakness, he craned his head and kissed her on the shoulder, where the drop of blood had fallen before.

Her whole body was wound up tight. She was ready to storm the palace herself-an army of one.

When they arrived, they arrived in force-a dozen military ships surrounding the safe house, guns drawn.

I hope you guys enjoyed these teasers as much as I did. Again, sorry if I overwhelmed you with all of them at once. Gah! I love The Lunar Chronicles so much!! I hope my emperor will still get to be an emperor when Winter is done. I can't wait to read it. Are you ready for the takedown of Levana?! I am so ready! 

PS. Message me via the contact form at the side if you want a spoiler. Yes, guys. I'm that obsessed. I research so much that I found a spoiler for a book that isn't even out yet. I'm not even kidding. I should be a detective! 

Happy Browsing!


  1. lol, amazing post sweetie :) Sigh. I cannot wait to read Winter :D SO excited. But holy crap. Yes. NOVEMBER 2015!! Goodreads says so :( Heartbroken. Sniffs. I need it now, lol :D
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog a while ago. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

    1. *pats head* there, there. We'll survive....I think.... Thanks for commenting <3

  2. Yay, you're using the signature now! :)

  3. that stinks with winter coming late, but with Fairest coming out January 27 and Winter in the same year its tecknicaly less of a waiting time than with cress.

  4. oh wait I said that wrong I meant its sad that winters later . this blog is awesome!


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