Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winx Club? What I missed out on by growing up. *Spoilers*

Alright. I'll admit it. When I was younger, I really enjoyed the winx club. I actually became curious as to what happened after I grew up and left the series. If you watch it, you probably already know this, but things get weird, extremely weird. Honestly, how many updates will they have? Charmix, Enchantix, Believix, Harmonix, Sirenix? When will they become full-fledged fairies? Doesn't it seem like every new season they get a new form? Well, this I can forgive this because I guess it's required for the story to progress. They have to get more powerful to defeat more powerful enemies. It's also really dumbed down from what I can remember. It seems like it was written for a bunch of 6-year-olds instead of 10-12 year-olds. Or maybe that's just cause I grew up and I'm more judgemental....hmmm...

Now as to what I discovered today. Life sucks for Aisha/Layla.  First she has a name crisis cause I have no clue what the girl's real name is. Are we calling her Aisha or Layla now? Why the name change? Was it really necessary? I don't think so. Ok. For the purpose of this rant let's call her Aisha.

Everyone knows that the winx club is paired up. Bloom is with Skye, Stella is with Brandon, Techna is with Timmy, Flora is with helia, Musa is with Reven (even though this is a very rocky relationship), and Aisha was finally with Nabu. Alright now that we got that clear, let's jump to the problem. Nabu sacrifices himself to save all the fairies, so now he's in an "enchanted sleep" or dead, we really didn't get any real closure on this.

I think it sucks that Aisha had to lose her guy, but then they added insult to injury. They placed  a new specialist, named Roy, as a replacement for Nabu...who is responsible for this ridiculousness? As if the Nabu fangirls are going to forget Nabu and embrace Roy. It's the most forced pairing I've ever seen.

Aisha is still torn up about Nabu's death and the whole thing is just so sad for her. The creators really need to give this girl a break. Just make her happy for once. She's always the one to go through real hardship and I feel like Andros (her home) is always in some trouble.

Anyways, just wanted to say I'm definitely TEAM NABU!!! 

Roy needs to go crawl into the insignificant hole he crawled out of. Or just tell us if Nabu is really dead, then we can move on like a regular fanbase.

I won't be watching anymore though. So if you guys know what happens next, Fill me in. :)

But here's a positive: Daphne, Bloom's sister is back! And she has her regular body and everything. Yay!!!

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