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I'm Monique. I'm an avid reader and a biochemistry major. Sometimes these two clash because I end up wanting to read more about fictional characters and less about DNA or the Ka/Kb of a weak acid. 

Over here at Something To Browse (STB), I post a bookish topic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday except when I participate in irresistible blog memes that don't comply with that schedule, such as: Top Ten Tuesday. Sometimes I feel bad because I don't post everyday like other bloggers, but then I remember I'm a biochemistry major and I don't have a clone, then I feel much better! :)

There are just so many things that I love. I love God, food (I am a food junkie....sorry), READING, science, blogging, writing, singing, tweeting. There are too many things to list them all. I'm also a huge fan of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Supreme Emperor Kaito fangirl right here!

I enjoy fangirling with my fellow blog readers and I love hearing input from them, so follow me and feel free to connect. I promise, I don't bite :P

You can find me at:
@lyokangirl on twitter
Monique Morris on Goodreads

If you're an author, I strongly recommend you take a look at the review policy before submitting a request.

I do like helping people promote themselves (especially newbie bloggers), so I do a feature called Feature A Blogger every month where I interview a blogger or a fanartist. Sign-ups are always open, so if you're a newbie or an experienced blogger and you want to sign-up, be my guest! It'll be an honor for me to have you on the blog!

Interviews with Monique! <3
Pages Unbound
This Girl Reads A lot
Beneath The Jacket Reviews
A Flurry of Ponderings

Thank you to the awesome bloggers that allowed me to be on their blogs!

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God bless!

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