Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blogging Hiatus Lifted: A Return To Blogging!

Yes! I'm back! I'm finally back!!!

My blogging hiatus lasted a little longer than expected, but I'm finally back! I missed you all so much! If you kept visiting my blog while I was away studying, you've probably seen many changes to it. Maybe you even noticed that another person's name is above mine in the sidebar. Olivia Hou.

Who is Olivia Hou, you ask? Did Monique take on a co-blogger? Nope. Olivia Hou is only one of the most amazing people you will ever interact with. She's been reorganizing my blog and designing cool things for it while I've been away! Did you notice I had a new blog button? Yep. She made that! Along with several other awesome things. 

Olivia has a blog too. Actually, she has two! Fictionally Obsessed where she gushes about books like the rest of us, and Book Bird Designs where she offers to design spectacular things for you. Some of her services are FREE, so go check them out!

Before I left, I announced the birth of Feature A Blogger! I've emailed the winner for this month (go check your emails!) and I'm expecting to hear a response really soon, so that post should be up soon as well. Also, sign-ups are already open for next month, so if you want to be featured on my blog, feel free to sign up! :)

I've also announced the winners of the Miranda Contract giveaway here. Thank you for everyone that entered, and congratulations to Chelsea and Lauren. 

I've missed you all so much, and I'll try to finish responding to all the wonderful comments you guys left me by the end of this week. I still have two finals left to study for, but after that, I'm FREE!!!! :D

Thank you for sticking around with me. 
Happy Browsing! 


  1. Yay! Your back to blogging (and then it's my turn to take a hiatus) :) Thanks for featuring me on your blog. The lovely comments are so.. *sniffle sniffle* *cries*

    Your emperor is on the blog! Go check out the new post!

    1. YES!!! My Emperor! For those of you who don't know what we're talking about. Go check out this post:

  2. I'm currently taking my exams too, that's why I'm trying to blog less, but it's just so fun! At least holiday's around the corner! Good luck for your exams!

    1. I'm actually done with school now! :) Yes, blogging is ridiculous fun, it's hard to quit! Good luck with your exams and thanks for commenting! <3


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