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Series Overview: Delirium Series

The Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver

*This Post Contains MANY Spoilers!*

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First of all, I finished the series! Yay!!! :)

Delirium The first book! I completely loved it. Delirium set the stage for an interesting world where people are not given the freedom to love. Love is a disease that should be cured. I loved this book because the characters were written well and I loved Alex. To be honest, he was my favorite character, and the main reason why I kept reading.

Pandemonium The second book I loved only because of the last page. The book starts off making us feel that Alex is really dead, but in my heart. I just knew that he wasn't. I kept gettting mad at Lena because she was falling in love with Julian. Seriously? How long has Alex been "dead?" How much did he really mean to you if you can just forget him just as soon as the next guy comes along? The whole time I was like WHERE IS ALEX? Stop touching Lena, she doesn't belong to you, Julian! Haha! Seriously why would she just forget Alex like that? I was  upset because even if Alex was dead it felt like she was disrespecting his memory by moving on so soon. The last page saved the book. Alex returns. It made me excited for the sequel. Just as I thought wow, she's really serious about this Julian guy, Alex steps in and he sounds angry. I would be angry too.

Requiem The third book I loved the least. After knowing Alex was still alive...I wanted more. There were all these scenes of Julian and Lena, it made me sick. Seriously? I actually wanted Julian to die. He's a great character and all but he was the only thing standing in the way of Alex and Lena. Lena actually made me angrier in this book. She kept thinking about Julian. *rolls eyes* It made me want to scream for her to shut up. I don't get it. Alex saved her life and taught her about the Wilds...Julian was just there and then he gave up his old life so he could live free and love freely. What Julian did was great, but I felt they could've just been friends and he would've done the same thing. I felt like Lena loved Julian because he was there when she was lonely and missing Alex...that's about it. 

My favorite part of the last book is when Alex finally loses control and rearranges Julian's face. YES!!! I was totally cheering him on even though he felt bad about hurting Julian and ranaway afterwards. In the end, I got what I wanted. It was a bit unclear, but this is my interpretation/version of the ending. I filled in the gaps to make myself feel better. Pathetic, I know, but what more can a girl do when an author refuses to give a clear ending to a story?

My Ending
1. Raven is alive....they somehow heal her
2. Tack and Raven get married and have a baby named Blue
3. Alex and Lena stay together (forever!)
4. Julian lives and he's bitter and angry that Lena choose Alex, but Coral comforts him and he moves on
5. The invalids win supporters and somehow get control over the government
6. The cure is obliterated
7. Fred doesn't die but he goes to prison
8. Hana finds her soulmate and remains best friends with Lena
9. They no longer have to hunt for is plentiful
10. The rest of Lena's family is safe

This is what happened.
I love you. Remember. They can't take it.


  1. Couldn't agree more. This series started out awesomely, I think I read this one on the back of The Hunger Games (or soon after) and was desperate for that dystopian world and oppressive government. But the ending? I can't help but feel it was a cop out and thought it was intentionally left open ended to try to please all fans of the series.

    1. I'm pretty sure I read this before the Hunger Games, but I get what you're saying. I really wanted Alex and Lena to just be together with no questions asked. On the plus side, I can fool myself into thinking that Raven is still alive. Technically, it was not stated that she died. Haha! We shall never know....

      Thanks for commenting! <3


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