Monday, June 9, 2014

Announcing Five Days of Features

Greetings, my lovely Browsers!

This will be a very short post! :)

Remember when I said that I had 5 new features bouncing around my head, but haven't introduced them yet? Well, I'm introducing them! I figured if I waited too long all my ideas would just pile up and it'll seem impossible to get them all done, so here we are! I'm announcing five days of the features my brain has managed to come up with. I'm so excited! Don't worry, guys. I won't be overwhelming you with these features all the time, they will be used sparingly. I'm just worried that if I don't go ahead and show you them now, I'll never get to it. Stay tuned for the next two weeks!

I hope you guys enjoy them!

Also Feature a Blogger Sign-Ups are open again!

Happy Browsing!

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