Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find out more about it here.

It's been a long time since I've done this feature, but there was no way I was going to miss out on a fun topic like this. Let's dive in!

1. I overthink everything. I'm always double guessing myself when it comes to this blog (in real life too) and I end up thinking so much that I become  anxious. Not the regular type of anxious, I'm talking about the anxiety where you feel as if one mistake could ruin everything. I actually still re-read my old posts to check for errors. I can't stop myself
2. I'm still lost. I have no clue how people can manage to read four books a week, run a decent blog, socialize, join clubs, get good grades, and keep a job at the same time. How are you guys doing it? Are all of you cyborgs? How do you keep up? I'm still lost on how to manage everything.

3. I end up procrastinating on other important things to work on this blog....I'm trying to break this habit. Even though I only post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I end up working on the blog atleast 6 days a week. Why, Monique? Why? What's the point of that?

4. I handwrite my reviews before typing them out. I also used to do this with my essays in school. It's just easier for me because a blank computer screen freaks me out. I have to write my thoughts down before typing them out or nothing will get done.

5. I do not like John Green's books as well as some of the rest of you do. No, that's a cop out. I mean, his books are not for me. I'm less of a feeler and more of a thinker.... it seems the only book I liked by him was the book that all you thought was his worse books. lol! Guess which one? And no, I have not finished TFIOS. Sorry again. I started it, but have yet to finish.

6. I still feel awful for writing negative reviews...I'll still write them, but I hate it. I'll be honest, but I'll also try my best to highlight anything I liked about the book. It still feels weird to me, here you are giving me your  book for free in order to help you out, but here I am telling people the awful experience I had while reading your book. It sucks! I always feel as if maybe I wasn't trying hard enough to make myself like the story. This is something that I'm definitely working on.

7. I'm behind on my reviews. Are you surprised? Probably not. I blame netgalley! :P Well, it really is my fault for refusing to say no to all those beautiful review copies. It's ok though, I just recently started getting back on track with them.

8. I feel bad for not posting every day... Sorry

9. Sometimes, I don't always feel as if I'm part of the community. Perhaps that's because I don't post every day?

10. I get really frustrated when things I've won take so long to get to my mailbox. That's because I'm a really impatient person. I'm always thinking worst case scenarios. What if they forgot to send it? What if it gets lost in the mail? What if it got sent back to the sender without my knowledge?


  1. I totally feel you on #6, but I've been reviewing books for a long time, so I'm over it now. I think the important thing is balance -- if you talk about the things you liked about the book AND the things you didn't, that's giving it a fair review. Everyone knows that reviews are subjective, so they know to take your opinions with a grain of salt. Give me an honest (even if it's negative) review any day!

  2. I love that you write it out by hand first! Such a hipster thing to do. =) Sometimes If I need to write something creative it feels more genuine writing it by hand first. That computer light is so sterile sometimes.


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