Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Self promotion and I

Let's go take a walk, shall we?
I hate self promotion more than anything, even though I know it's necessary. You might think I'm crazy for this, but even writing a resume is hard for me. It's like: you want me to take credit for the things I've done? No way!

Have you ever heard of the word introvert? Well my picture should be next to the word in the dictionary. I just really started blogging a few months ago and any time I enter a giveaway by another blogger, it's like: I'm so inadequate, I am a lowly not look my way for I am unworthy. Blogging in itself is actually a problem. Tell people that I own a blog? *gasp* Tell people to check out my blog? *insert mini heart attack here*. Even just tweeting my favorite author several times is a problem for me cause I feel like I'm being annoying.

Well 2014 I'm looking forward to shaking this....this...this DISEASE from my life.
Sorry for not posting Happy New Year! I will next time guys I promise! I'll start taking this more seriously because I love it, I just lack the time. From now on, I'll try to get atleast one post in during the week.

Hope you guys are having an awesome time. Later! :D

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