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Theories for a Series: The Lunar Chronicles #4 Winter by Marissa Meyer

Theories For A Series: The Lunar Chronicles #4 (Winter)
Expected Publication Date: November 24, 2015

Hello fellow Lunartics! I've done a Winter Teasers #1 and a Winter Teasers #2 blog post, but now it's time for me to finally add Winter to my own Theories For A Series Feature.

Are you excited for the final book? I am! Winter can't come soon enough! Can you believe that we have to wait till November 2015! Meanwhile, let's speculate! 

Sadly, there is no cover yet for Winter nor a proper synopsis because the expected publication date for Winter has been moved all the way to November instead of the intended date in February :(
But we can still fangirl all about it and come up with our theories. Read mine and let me know what you think! :) 
            Warning: Incoming spoilers for the previous books!

Winter by Marissa Meyer
Monique's Theories

-I'm actually really scared for this book because I feel like Winter will be crowned Queen instead of Cinder (cause Cinder doesn't even want the throne and everybody loves Winter). I want Cinder to be Queen and Kai to be Emperor. I want them to get married and rule both Luna and Earth together in all their  majesticness!
Yes, this is important. you have no idea how important. I don't want Winter to become Queen.

-I predict Jacin and Winter are each other's love interests. I'm sure everybody already knows this. 

-I predict a character's death. Well, Obviously. I don't mean just any character, I predict the death of one of our beloved main characters. Hopefully it'll be Torin. Not that I don't like him....but if it's out of the rest of the main cast, he's got to go. 
Goodbye, Torin.

-Jacin will be Winter's "huntsman." This I'm 100% sure of. The Queen will command him to get rid of Winter.

-Thorne will get his sight back. It would be cruel to leave him in his current state.

-I'm thinking Adri and Pearl will be badly hurt and maybe they get cyborg parts? It's not likely, but oh, the irony of it all would be so sweet!

-Do you guys think Winter will recognize Cinder as soon as they meet? I sure hope so!

-Here's a juicy one! I'm predicting that there will be a Leutomosis outbreak on the moon. Think about it. Cress could be an unaffected carrier of Leutomosis and when she goes to the moon....Bam! Outbreak! Especially now that the disease has mutated and now Lunars can get it too! :p Actually, when I think about it, that means she could spread it to everybody else on the ship. Forget that! Not my Emperor! Let's pretend that thought never happened at all.

-Another one! You know how in Snow White, the wicked queen gives Snow White an apple that causes her to appear dead? Well, what if Queen Levana injects Winter with something that'll give Winter Leutomosis? I believe she really is that evil. Oh, wait! Hold up a minute! One of the meanings of Jacin's name is healer, right? Gasp! And he said he wanted to be a doctor, right? What if Jacin is the one who has to find the cure for Leutomosis because he has to save Winter?!

-There's also the part in Snow White where Snow White wonders into the house of the dwarfs, and I've got a theory for that as well. What if Jacin (after he's been told by the Queen to kill Winter) decides to help her escape instead of killing her. So...let's say that he hides her in a ship that's supposed to go to earth, but instead Winter finds out that Cinder's crew is on there instead. Can you sense the amazingness?! Or maybe Winter escapes to earth with Scarlet and then they meet the gang? 

-I'm assuming the wedding between Kai and Queen Levana is still on? The plan was to get the wedding moved to Luna, right? How are they going to do that? Theories, anyone?

-I predict a lot of heart-breaking scenes (because hello, that's what Marissa Meyer writes best!)

-I want to know more about Cinder's history. I'm hoping to maybe have some light shed on who her father is?

-Let's be honest here, I think we're going to lose Iko,*tears* I hope not, but I have a bad feeling about it. 

So what do you guys think? Do you have any theoris of your own? Share them with me! :)


  1. I agree with all your theories - especially the Snow White apple connection! After all, Marissa Meyer modeled the books after that fairy-tale and that's such an important part of the story!

    1. Thanks! I actually saw some of my theories happen in Winter! AWESOMENESS! :D

  2. Pearl and Adri cyborgs ? thats so cool ! i bet Thorn will die because the desease mutated so that it works on objects . dr Erland touched the eye drops and Cress put them in thorns eyes , thus , the desease will surely transfer to him and likely Cress too . sory if that was confuseing .

    1. Oh, boy! That would've been heartbreaking! I can't wait for you to read the book! It's so good!!!

  3. I predict that Snow White's iconic apple will be Winter's favourite sour apple petites. Also that the seven dwarves will be Iko, Kai, Cinder, Cress, Wolf, Thorne and Scarlet. BOOM. SEVEN OF THEM.

    1. YOU are the smartest! :) Winter was so awesome! I'm still blown away!


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