Monday, June 10, 2013

3 Simple Reasons to Smile

I know that life has some ways of beating you down....these could be the usual daily omg. my life sucks moments or it could be the more disastrous everything is falling apart moments. Well when you have moments like these you need to be able to pick yourself up and that's the reason for the post. How do we pick ourselves up after life has kicked us to the curb? One of the best ways to pick yourself up is to realize you have something to smile about. So...leggo!

1. You're alive!!! Yes! No matter how many times life has tried to knock you down, you've always got back up. This time will be no different. You're alive, and that means you're Charlie Sheen. Sorry, I just had to include that joke. But yes, many people have died, but you're still here. You're still in this race, so make the best of it. Think of the positive things in life. Let's go to number 2!

2.  You don't need a doctoral degree to smile. You just need a basic understanding of the world, everything else is just a plus. So stop undermining yourself and forget all that negativity because you, my dear friend, are one smart cookie.

3. All those happy moments. Remember all those moments where you thought everything was ok, and nothing could ever ruin this moment? Now would be a good time to reflect on those memories. Things weren't always hectic. You had some good times too. Don't forget that. You're way too smart to think life is always a horrible experience. Remember things like getting your first medal in a competition, or graduation, or the best friendships you've had, whatever it takes to get you out of your depressed state.

Tata for now. See you next week. God Bless!

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